Promiseland Post

Sept/Oct 2019----------------------------Volume 3, Issue 2/3

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We have had a sweet and smooth start to the first week of school. We saw smiles and tears from both children and parents! Thank you for being so well prepared and on time. It helps preschoolers adjust so much quicker to school and routines when they have what they need and are on time.

We see your children as treasures and our heart is to help them know they are safe and loved here at Promiseland Preschool. It's a privilege and honor to teach them!

Emergency Preparedness practices

This month we will be having a fire drill. This first time we do tell the children and let them see and hear the whistle that Ms. Karen will blow. We continually remind them that this is just a practice and that they are going to walk quickly and quietly as they follow their teacher out of the building. We have these drills monthly. Our facilities manager also had the fire inspector out this past week to do our annual church building fire inspection and ceiling sprinkler testing.

In October we will have a lock down drill as we practice sheltering in place while being as quiet as a mouse!

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PreK Curriculum Night

The PreK team is hosting a curriculum night for parents that have four year olds in our PreK classes. We will cover what they are going to learn this year and what children need to know to be ready to go to Kindergarten. This will be held in the backyard hallway, room 111 at 7:00pm on October 7. Free Childcare is available by registering here.
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Car Line

Car line starts this week! A few reminders...

  • Car line runs from 8:50 - 9:10
  • No cell phone use during car line
  • For safety, please keep your child in his/her car seat and we will help you once you pull up in the line
  • Parents may not walk their children through the car line doors
  • Have your child ready with their backpack, lunchbox, and nap mat on the passenger side only
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Safety is a #1 priority here at preschool. We continually check for any recalled items and you can too. Here is a link so you can be informed of recalls by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.