Sail the Ocean!

No pool, no problem!

Go Where the Wind Takes You!

Why not fine dine, rock climb, surf, swim, hang glide, and watch movies while cruising across the magnificent ocean? Well, why not!? Join our adventurous cruises around the worlds four oceans and see the sea's mighty creatures, from dolphins to whales!

Who Lives In The Sea?

Where to?

Try the warmest ocean in the world, the Indian Ocean! The Atlantic's clear blue waters! The Arctic Ocean? Okie-dokie! It's best to travel during Summer and Spring, avoid the cold winter weather!

Fun and Adventure!

Hang Ten!

The biggest wave ever surfed was almost a hundred feet tall off the coast of Portugal! Some of the best big wave surfing spots are on the coasts of California, Hawaii, Australia, Portugal, Mexico, France, and other places!