Guns Protect People

Guns, Guns, Guns are here to protect people.

By Aidan McInerney


Guns have been around for a long time. They have evolved from musket rifles that shot 1 bullet to fully-automatic assault rifles that have magazines up to 30 rounds. Many have had the argument that guns should have stricter laws. However some other say that guns protect people from being mugged, murdered, robbed, and assaulted. Bottom line: guns protect people. (Harris).


Guns laws should be less strict because guns are helping people from getting attacked inside and outside and banning high capacity magazines and assault rifles are not helping people.

Guns help from getting attacked inside and outside. If a burglar comes in to you house and the owner pulls a 12 gauge shotgun on the burglar they going to afraid and this a fact. A three year study by the National Institute of Justice surveyed 1,800 convicted felons and confirmed that criminals strongly fear meeting armed resistance by potential victims. Fully 74% said they believe burglars avoid houses where people are at home because they're afraid they'll get shot; 39% said they personally had called a halt to a particular planned crime because they feared the victim might be armed(Harris). outside people can use concealed weapons to protect themselves. 40 in America have a right to carry concealed weapons for protection. The police cannot be everywhere at same time it not realistic people need to depend on their own ability for protect ourselves(Gun Control: Update). people need guns so their can stay safe.
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High capacity magazines and assault rifles should not be banned. Most assault rifles are semi-automatic. which means that you must pull the trigger another time for the weapon to shoot. Assault rifles are well designed, very reliable, accurate, light weight and provide an effective defense for families and people. The number of rounds in magazine isn't important and doesn't effect the lethality of a weapon. It does not matter weather a criminal has AK-47 with 30 or 70 rounds but that his still dangerous with AK-47 or a pistol or a shotgun. It is in the heart of a mass murderer not what is in his hands, that determines their lethality(Wright).

Call to Action

In conclusion, gun laws are not limiting the number of people getting hurt on the street or in the home. In addition, banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines aren't going to make criminals any less dangerous. With respect to law enforcement, guns undoubtedly help protect people everywhere. In the hands of law-abiding American citizens who enjoy hunting as well as protecting their property, guns should not be limited.

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