I want this job!

Veterinary technologist and technician

I really need this job!

Becoming a Veterinary technician is helpful this for me to do because i always wanted to help those animals out there suffering and I love working with animals because its my thing and i really want to make animals happy.

Why Veterinary technicians/technologist are important?

The reason why Veterinary technicians/technologist are important is because they tell the Veterinarians what to do, they help animals, they test other animals blood,but they do not perform perform surgery only the veterinarians.

The Vet Clinic

This is the Vet Clinic we help injured animals and we also care for their health. Come visit us and we will take care of your pet.


A typical degree program should be completed by Veterinary technicians it only lasts for 2 years is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association . Licensing, certification and registration requirements for vet technicians vary by state.

Job Growth

The average of this job growth is 21% or more


As a Veterinary technicians/Technologist often deal with pet owners. Communications are the MOST IMPORTANT skills.
Career Choices - Vet Technician

Companies that hire in this field

Center for disease control,National Institutes of health, and Pfizer.

Annual salary or wages

Min wage: 15,080

U.S. Mean Annual wage: 48,320

Veterinary technologist/Technician: 31,070

Personality needed for the job

Organized, detailed,patient,emphatic, with good physical and emotional condition, a love with animals, and excellent communication skills.