Causes of Change

How do internal or external forces cause change in a person?

Taylor Swift - Change


Respond to the following prompt regarding the novel you have been reading throughout this unit:

Explain how internal or external forces cause one character from your novel to grow or change.

Planning and Prewriting: Take time to choose and make a plan for your expository response.

  • How have the activities in this unit helped prepare you for this prompt?

Drafting: Determine the key ideas to include.

  • How can your response demonstrate your understanding of literary terms such as plot, setting, character, conflict, theme?
  • What elements of an effective expository essay will you use to organize your response?
  • Which details from your novel will you use to support your ideas?

Evaluating and Revising the Draft: Create opportunities to review and revise your work.

  • During the process of your writing, when can you pause to share and respond with others?
  • What is your plan to include suggestions and revision ideas into your draft?
  • How can you revise your draft to use transitions and a variety of sentence structures?
  • How an the scoring guide below help you evaluate how well your draft meets the requirements of the assignment?

Checking and Editing for Publication: Confirm that your final draft is ready for publication.

  • How will you check for grammatical accuracy? (Such as proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation)