NASA space spinoffs 2000-2016

by Lynn h'wing

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Medium: dictionary


a product applied to the body, especially the face, to improve its appearance.

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1.It help modern technology get invented to day.

2.To help scientist get astronaut into space.

3.enrich baby food and baby formula.

4.Cat scanner

5.Mostly the U.S.A

6.T.v satellite broad cast

7.Almost everything is made out of space spin off so maybe new spin offs are made from old ones.

8.The N.A.S.A head quarter in Washington Dc.

9.Yes people still use sin offs today in every day tasks.

10.When Eisenhower establish N.A.S.A

11.The technology today help modern people to use phones and cordless power tool

12.The 2016 space spin offs

13.N.A.S.A space spin offs are use every where

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