Homework: Nov. 17 Nov. 21, 2014

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim

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1 Perimeter of a Polygon

2 Elapsed Time Practice


1 Elapsed Time

2 Homework Practice-Rounding Whole Numbers

2 Study facts using Xtra Math 10-15 minutes each night

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1 Digital Diary entry on the "I" character traits. See my webpage for a list of the traits under the "Reading Tab" and a reminder of login on the home page. There is also an example of a digital diary entry on the home page as well.


2 PACE Language Arts have two digital diary entries due. (must use different "I" traits)

3 Regular Language Arts have one digital diary entry due.

4 Work on Vocabulary using Istation App. Students have login information TAPED to the inside of their planners.

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1 Three free writes for ten minutes each night. A suggested list of open-ended prompts are on the homework download page. Each entry needs the date at the top. From the list of 3 entries, star one entry that you want to share during writing workshop.

The entries can be a "running list." They do NOT need to be on separate sheets of paper, but if they are, please staple them together. All 3 are due on Friday.

*Parents please look over entries for complete sentences:)

Spelling/Cursive Handwriting

1 Complete Unit 11 worksheet and study words for a spelling test on Friday.

2 Due to popular demand, we are practicing upper and lower case letter "a" in class. Students will be asked to practice the cursive "A" assessment at home for a completion grade.

What's happening in the classrooms next week-


Coming up this week: Breaking the magnetic force, lighting a bulb and making a motor run!

Social Studies:

Amendment 4, 5, and 6 will be transformed into Kidspeak.

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Special Thanks to...

Peggy Baker and Melissa Lopez for being our photographers this week. We LOVE the pictures!

Our Classes Need:

Mrs. Wells' Class Needs:

* each student needs a bic or other brand of a 4 color clickable pen for writing workshop. It is much easier having ONE pen with 4 colors than 4 pens rolling around:)


Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim

Coming up...

1 Sock and underwear drive is happening this week at school.

2 Mrs. Wells' and Mrs Reim's class will watching the movie Because of Winn-Dixie on Friday afternoon. Donations of Giant bags of popcorn would be appreciated:)

*Please know that we are both thankful for entrusting your child with us on a daily basis. Our families wish yours a blessed Thanksgiving.