American Indian Activism


Native American flute by Hotlab

Many American Indians were affected by poverty. Mart Crow Dog grew up on a Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota. She said "We had no shoes and went barefoot most of the time. I never had a new dress."

The American Indian men pay was less than half that of white men.

After a long time of protesting, the Taos Pueblo gained 81.5 million dollars from the gov't for land that was stolen from them a long time ago.

Along with the American Indians having trouble, people with disabilities were fighting for their rights too.

Ed Roberts was one of the people with disabilities trying to get in to school. Many other Americans with disabilities wondered why their tax dollars helped pay for construction of public facilities that they could not easily use. Ed Roberts wanted to attend the University of California but they wouldn't accept him because of his disabilities.