Coach Corner

Meyzeek Middle School, December

What exactly is it that you DO?

I get this question all the time. In fact, some of you may be asking this same thing! Haha! Really I take no offense if you are asking. So, here's the short of it...

I am here to help clear away the smog so that we can all focus on our mission in this work. This I believe: Flourishing teachers grow flourishing students.

  • How do you feel in your work?
  • Are you flourishing?

You deserve to be. Your students deserve a teacher who is flourishing. If you have smog in your way, you feel like you are jumping hoops instead of growing student understanding.

It doesn't have to be that way - and making it feel differently is the heart of my job.

I would love the chance to enter into a coaching cycle with you and together, we can clear away the smog so you are feeling focused on your goals, your teaching craft, and on growing capable learners.

If you are curious about what a cycle looks like, give me a call. We can chat about it.

What Coaching is NOT...

  • a way to enforce a program/rules/regulations
  • a way to FIX a teacher
  • therapy
  • a gripe session
  • an evaluation

(borrowed from Elena Aguilar "The Art of Coaching")

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My purpose is to support you in your growth as a professional.

I promise never to evaluate you or your work.

I promise to be your thought partner as you find what works, what doesn't, and how you wish to adjust your art of teaching.

Focusing this month on aligning our practices and beliefs: What I have read that may interest you too...

This blog post is from a mentor of mine from Denver, Stevi Quate. She is one of the most brilliant educators I have ever known.
and this one is from a principal I follow on Twitter...

December is busy, but it is also a perfect time to plan, reflect, and realign. Let me know how I can help!