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DIY-Random Acts of Kindness

It is random acts of kindness week! Our office wants to challenge you to perform some of these acts throughout this week and next week to spread kindness wherever you go!

Here are a few ideas of how to extend kindness to others:

1. Pick up litter.
2. Babysit for free.
3. Leave baked goods in the mailbox for your mailman or on a co-worker's desk.
4. Donate a used book to your local library.
5. Send an ePraise to someone.
6. Send a card to someone serving in the military overseas.
7. Donate clothes to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
8. Volunteer at a local charity.
9. Write and mail a thank you card.
10. Donate blood.
11. Let someone cut in front of you in line.
12. Give a compliment.
13. Help someone who is stranded on the side of the road.
14. Organize a group of friends to do yard work for a neighbor who is unable to do it themselves.
15. Clean up after yourself and someone else.
16. Give someone a hug.

17. Praise your boss.
18. Write an inspirational quote on a post-it and put it on the bathroom mirror in your office.
19. Help someone before they ask.

20. Take a box of hats, gloves, and scarves to a school for kids who need something warm.

Visit this page for the complete list of 42 no-cost random acts of kindness!

Money Matters

Always looking for ways to save money AND time?

If you are always looking for simple ways to simply save time and money, these tips are some you may NEVER have thought of:

  • Take Your Spare Change to the Grocery Store!

Use the self-checkout at the grocery store and when you go to pay, dump your spare change into the self-checkout machine. You will most likely not be charged a fee of any kind. Then, pay for the remainder of the bill with your usual method.

  • Make a Fake Email Address for Rewards Programs.

Many stores offer customer rewards programs, which are great for earning points for your purchases or getting discounts. The catch is that such programs always want your email address, and with that comes a bunch of junk mail that you don’t want. My solution was to start a new email address just for signing up for such customer rewards programs.

Check out the full article with AWESOME tips on saving money and time!

Fitness Focus

Posture Rebalancing: Lesson 1

This is the first in a series about seated posture and how to ensure you are sitting in a way that encourages good posture and prevents fatigue!

We sit practically all day so it is very important to be sitting in a way that supports good posture! Using pillows and props to support your body in optimally aligned positions is a great way to start. Changing positions often also helps to combat fatigue.

Start with aligning your pelvis:

The first step in sitting with good posture is making sure your pelvis is in the correct position.

Roll your pelvis forward and backward, arching and rounding your lower back. Stop in the arched position with pelvis rolled slightly forward. This position allows the pelvis to provide a base for support for an erect spine.

Notice when you roll your pelvis back, rounding your low back, your upper body collapses forward and contributes to poor postural alignment. Below are several options to support your pelvis with props. Weight should be through the "SIT bones" not the tail bone.

Seat Height: Raise seat high enough so that the feet rest on floor and the hips are even with or slightly higher than the level of the knees.

Seat pan: If possible, tilt seat pan slightly downward in the front making knees lower than the hips, rolling the pelvis forward. If unable to tilt it downward or level, place a pillow or wedge in seat to create a forward tilt. Wedge a rolled towel in behind buttocks to prevent pelvis from "rolling backward", like a wedge behind a wheel.

Try these tips and stay tuned for more on how to achieve perfect posture when sitting!


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