Introducing the Parent Advisory Council

Introducing the Meadow Lane Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

We believe that the development of the whole child requires the involvement of the entire community including parents, school personnel, and community members. It is extremely important to us at Meadow Lane that parents and community members have a voice and a presence at Meadow Lane School as evidenced by our many program offerings to students and parents. We also believe parents must be involved in the decision-making processes and procedures. Therefore, we will be forming the Parent Advisory Council to address these needs. We will meet monthly to discuss areas of strength as well as areas of concern and needed improvement. Please contact the school office at 708-388-6958 if you are interested in joining the Meadow Lane PAC.

The PAC will meet on the following Tuesdays from 5:00pm-6:00pm:

February 26

March 19

April 23

May 28