Friday Focus

JSE Staff, April 15th


It seems the weeks get busier and the time goes faster! I appreciate your lesson planning, preparation, and focus to avoid getting caught up in the end of the year routine matters. We still have 6 weeks to grow our kids!

Next week, we will begin the process of taking time in our PL221 teams to discuss areas of strength and weakness in order to address identified areas in next year's plan. I will add questions to our shared google docs for consideration, please take time to think about your area both individually and with your grade level partner to be prepared to share.

Part II ISTEPs begin next Tuesday, thank you for cheering on our 3-5th graders. We will be chalking the front entrance area for our students, I will send out more information to join us. K-2 teachers please send a note, e-mail, or another inspirational message to the class you were linked up with for "Do your Best" during Part I! We will test each morning in the labs. Please remind your students to be as quiet as possible in the primary hallway.

Hope to see you at Fun Fair:)

Enjoy the weather!


Professional Development

  • PL221 Meetings in Flag Room. Please come prepared to contribute to next year's plan.

Classroom Discussions in Math

blendspace Math Talk -updates with each PD

Step 1: Helping individual students clarify and Share Their Own Thoughts

This week: Step 2: Helping Students Orient to the Thinking of Others

Step 3: Helping Students Deepen Their Own Reasoning

Step 4: Helping Students Engage with the Reasoning of Others

We all agreed that this takes purposeful practicing in lessons to become an effective best practice. Thanks for starting now!

Who Can Repeat?

Who can say that again?

Who can put that into their own words?

Who can restate what (student's name? said?

Can anyone repeat what they heard (student's name) said? If not repeat (student)

Who can say that again for us?

After a turn and talk: Tell us what your partner said.

"If a student is simply waiting to speak, and is not listening to others and trying to understand them, he or she will not be able to contribute to a real discussion."

Our Goal: Thinking, talking, moving, or emotionally involved so that what you teach gets into long-term memory.

Reminders and Important Dates

  • Fun Fair April 15th
  • Teach/Model/Instill/Emphasize April's CSL: Listen Actively and Bucket-filling Trait: Empathy
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!