The Las Vegas Strip

By : Matthew Laws

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What Elements of Art and How?

The element of art i used in my work is color. I organized this to achieve the principle of design unity. Unity is the feeling of similarity between all the parts of the work of art that creates a sense of completeness. In my art work I arranged the different shades and colors to make my art lot complete.

History and Culture

On April 3, 1941 El Rancho Vegas a casino started to roll in lots of money. Other people found out how much money they were making and they wanted in. So a big company called MGM Mirage and other started to build there and then the Las Vegas Strip was born. After the strip was done it became a big thing everyone knew about because you can get lots of money from there and everyone any were loves to have money.

Art and Design

A 90-year-old man named Kerkorian that owns a company called MGM Mirage owns more than half of the hotel rooms on the Las Vegas strip. It took over 10 years for all of the strip to be made. The idea of getting rich was what fueled Kerkorian and other to build at the strip.

Personal Responses

What attracted me to the Las Vegas strip was all the bright lights and the money. I think that this landmark is relevant to our society because everyone knows about it and wants to go to it. I think it should stay standing forever because the strip is the highlight of a big city.