Team Freatman Direct Nest

August 2013 Newsletter

Top 10 First Line July 2013

1) Lindsey Doebler - $3789.70

2) Cheryl Patton - $1966.80

3) Jacqueline Burns - $1588.50

4) Katherine Quattrini - $997.40

5) Brittany Henderson - $ 846.12

6) Emily Tennant-Koller - $706.96

7) Kim Sweisthal - $705.40

8) Michelle Montford - $634.80

9) Mindy Ingersoll - $608.40

10) Laura Carpenter - $542.00

Congratulations on a great job everyone!!

This is the first newsletter that I will be doing monthly for just my ladies who are directly under me!!! I am looking forward to our upcoming fall season and know you are all going to be super busy!!! I have been wearing my window plates and everybody loves them!!! I also can't wait to get my hands on one of those toggle chains!!!

We have played before with a team website and I am in the process of recreating one. A place for those who are not into Facebook to go and find team news, keep training pieces, and other motivational items. I will keep our "direct nest" Facebook page as well:) n

I have updated my schedule once calendar and am here for you when needed. This service is for when you would like to chat and you can just pick a time that works for you. My favorite part of leadership is mentoring so please don't ever feel like you are bothering me...I love talking with you all!!!!

Here is the link:

August/September incentive

Boost your business!

I am so impressed with Katherine Quattrini jumping in and recharging her business last night that I am encouraging you all to do the same:). Here is the prize for this challenge and it is for just all of you, my personal team:).

1. Do a booking blitz by the end of the month!

Submit your results by sept 1

Points: 1 points for every "no"

2 points for every party booked

2. Listen to the Lynsey Jones recordings(all 6 of them) and send me a list Of what you learned on each recording. Worth 20 points

3. Increase your personal PV in September...

Increase by $500 equals 20 points

Increase by $1000 equals 30 points

Increase by $2000 equals 40 points

Increase by $3000 equals 50 points

The winner ....ready for it..... I will take to New York City in December to see the Holiday "windows" in the stores!!!!! All expenses paid!!!!

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