Nuremberg Trials

Karl Dönitz

Admiral who commanded the entire German navy and was supposed to take over position as führer after Adolf Hitler. During his rim of commanding the German navy he had issued the "Lacomia Order" which prevented German troops from rescuing survivors from sunken enemy ships. He did this and followed up with a statement about how the enemy doesn't seem to care about women and children when bombing Germany. He negotiated Nazi Germanys surrender after Adolf Hitler committed suicide. He served a ten year sentence that was supposed to last for life but it was cut short with his passing in 1981.

I believe the sentence was ok. Of course I want to say that we should burn him alive and torture him but we are America and we shouldn't be as bad as the nazis. We need to be the better people. So, I believe that the worst punishment we could've given him was a lifetime rotting in prison.

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