Rockin' School News

Oberlin Elementary School -- April 2014 Edition

Fitness Gram

By: Emma Anderson

The fitness gram does many things to help you. Some of the things are the pacer test, sit and reach test, push up test, and curl up test. Some focus on flexibilities and others are strength. Coach Gehring is the one who does all of the tests except for height and weight. Nurse Jo does the height and weight.

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News Staff

Lily, Gracie, Kenzie, KeLynn, Jenavive, Katie, Jesse, Hanna, Emma, Melody, Spencer, Hunter.

Not pictured - Calista

Improvements For OES

By: Calista and Melody

We are students of OES and here are some suggestions from a few teachers and us to improve the school. Mrs. Witt suggested some new windows and shades for the classroom. Mrs. Jansonius suggested to plant flowers around the school. Mrs. Sattler suggested some new lighs for her classroom.

Here are suggestions from us. We’re are thinking that the school should get a new OES sign, new lights outside, paint the bike rack school colors, and get recycling bins around the school.

Awesome Teacher-Will be Missed!!!

By: Jenavive & Lily

Mrs. Bricker taught a lot of kids in her 7 years. She enjoys teaching band and has decided to stay home with her soon to be born baby girl, who will be here in May sometime. We asked her if she plans on coming back to teach some day? She said, only the the future will tell if and when!!! WE WILL MISS HER!!!

Spring Break!!!!!

By: KeLynn

I did a lot of things on spring break. I played in the city park and went to Denver.

Did you do anything on spring break? If you didn’t you should have gone to the park or had some friends over. Or you could have played outside. Or you could have gone to the city library and checked out a book. You could have read it and then you could have told your family about the book you read.

I hope you all had a good spring break and a lot of fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Glaze

By: Hanna and Katie

Have you met the O.E.S librarian? Well if not you should. She started to work here in 2004. In the library she thinks there is about 10,000 books that’s a lot. She loves all books but most of all she loves to read mysteries. Her favorite author is Carolyn Keene who wrote Nancy Drew. She loves the book My Friend Flicka. She sometimes borrows books from the city library so she can show us more types of books. She is here at O.E.S. part of the time and then goes over to the DCHS Library.

Mr. Gehring

By: Spencer, Hunter, and Jesse

Mr. Gehring has been married to his wife Tina for almost 8 years now. He has 3 children and one on the way. He enjoys coaching, spending time with his family, and going to visit his parents, brothers, and sisters. He has been coaching basketball for 7 years.

He has coached four sports. He has coached boys basketball before. If he had to teach something else he would pick English.

For Coach Gehring this year has been very fast and a lot of fun. His favorite activity with the student is shuffle boarding.

He has always been involved in sports and loves teaching kids He decided to teach girls basketball because he got started coaching when he was in college and it has become a passion of his. We love Coach Gehring

What a coach!

Interviewing Mrs. Tuttle

By Gracie and Kenzie

If you know Mrs. Ketterl , she had a baby. So, we had to have a substitute, Mrs. Tuttle. She was nice, caring, and very helpful. She lives in Norcatur, KS with her husband Casey and her 3- year- old daughter, Jade. She has two min pins, Mack Daddy and Sammy. She and her family love to watch movies and play games.

She likes being a teacher because she likes to see the light bulb go off when students understand.

She said how she deals with the kids is that she remembers a quote from Frederick Douglass, “ Without struggle, there is no progress!”

When she was littler, she always wanted to be a teacher. She would even save her papers and go home and instruct her stuffed animals. Kids are her future and she wants to change lives.

Mr. Cullen was her favorite teacher because when she was behind on work and he always took time to tutor her. He believed in her and he pushed her to be a better student in school and out.

She gave us some words of wisdom: “The outcome of your day is all in how you look at the circumstances.”