Butterfield Elementary Technology Team

This Week's TECH SHARE comes from BES teacher, Kelly B.

"I was stressing out the other day as to how I was going to print all the Pic Collages that the kids have done with the iPad minis. I can't use my printer because it isn't wireless and I'm not sure of another printer that we can use that has ink and is color. So what I did was have the kids save their projects to the camera roll as jpg files. Then, I uploaded them to my Walgreen's photo account and I am having 4x6 prints made of each project. I even had a coupon! I was able to upload from each iPad mini. Each print will only cost me 12 cents (about $10 total) and I am not having to print each one which takes forever! We will see what they look like!" ~Kelly

Around the World with Google Earth -

Have your students take a landform tour around the world. Give students a list of places to go in the Google Earth app. Students will screenshot the landform then determine which landform it is. Students could use their social studies textbooks to help them. Take it a step further by having students put the screen shot in Explain Everything then draw and record themselves telling about the landform.

Looking for an alternative to QR codes? Check out Aurasma!

Aurasma is an augmented reality app that uses a trigger image (like a book cover) to show a picture or video. Use Aurasma to share a video book trailer or have students make videos of themselves giving information about a Native American tribe that lived in Texas on their iPads. After creating their video, students choose a trigger image that is posted on the wall. Trigger images tagged with the Aurasma logo indicate the image can be scanned.

Butterfield's Very Own App through iSchoolBox

STAY IN THE KNOW about Butterfield’s events, calendars, and more.

iSchoolBox Free lets you access the latest information from the school anywhere from your mobile phone. You can view calendars, lunch menus, social media sites, and connect with key people at Butterfield, with the touch of a button.

Butterfield Technology Page

Great place to start when integrating technology into your curriculum! You will find BES technology policy and procedures, web 2.0 tools, IOS apps, and many other helpful links!