Technology Program Facts

By: Bennett Behling


imovie allows you to take video and edit it.

Some ways you can edit it is by adding music, titles and sound effects.

It also allows you to cut scenes and put new ones in if you don't like the one you just took.


iTrailer allows people to make trailers of things they might makes movies of.

It allows you to take video and add titles to it like a real movie trailer.

You can also put in credits at the end of the people who helped you make the video.

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck is a presentation program that helps you make presentations.

some features you can use with it is adding photos, changing the background, and changing font.

It also lets you change the style you want your presentation to be.

Explain Everything

Explain everything is a presentation app that lets you record your voice.

You can also put in pictures and draw things too.

Another cool thing you can do is there is a laser pointer so if you air server your project you can point to the things you are talking about.

Go Animate

Some awesome things you can do with this website is have your characters talk what you type.

another cool thing you can do is add props to the people you put there and have them move.

You can also change the background and the people you can use in your animation.