jaguar commercial


1. Jaguar in their 2014 Big game commercial, promotes their brand by coinciding them with British villains that are said to be more focused, more precise and obsessed with power and that is why its good to be bad.

2.The commercial begins by arousing the fact in movies villains are often played by British decent and stating their qualities such as being more focused, more precise and an eye for detail and a need for power, that they're always one step ahead and that they all drive jaguars.

3.In order for Jaguar to promote their brand they coincide themselves with British villains in movies stating perquisites that British villains have over others and then stating they all drive Jaguars.

4.The commercial is directed toward the general public in Jaguar trying to promote their own brand. more specifically adults who could afford a Jaguar or persuading the opinions of any mind they can to buy their cars. the commercial is essentially saying if you want to relate to all the benefits of being British then you should drive a jaguar.