By: Alora Grubbs

How and where blizzards form?

Most blizzards occur in a cold wave that follows the passage of a cold front. Blizzards form in polar regions.

Are there any warnings associate with the storm

A blizzard warning is issued for winter storm conditions to where the

winds are 35 mph or more and there is falling or blowing snow to frequently

reduce visibility to less than 1/4 mi for at least 3 hours just to be safe.

Types of clouds during a snow storm

* Altostratus

* Nimbostratus
* Frontal cirrostratus

These are the clouds that are associated with a snow storm

Severity scale of a blizzard

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Precautions for a Blizzard

  • Stay inside
  • Have a first aid kit somewhere
  • Stay warm
  • Don't drive in this weather