The HRS Leader

Region 9 High Reliability Schools-September 2020

Welcome to 2020-2021!

Just as the end of the year was one of the weirdest, the beginning of this one isn't much different! In this time of new challenges, we want you to know that we support the hard work you are doing in your district and campus.

Our summer Mini Summit was postponed, but the theme we had picked out makes a great one for this year...Hold the Vision. Trust the Process. When we think of 2020, we often think of perfect vision, and now more than ever, we need to hang on to the big picture vision for education.

Schedule Changes

We have had some schedule changes already (remember, our themes of the year are change and grace!).

Cohort 5 Leadership Session: October 13 (VIRTUAL--9 to noon), Session #360953

Cohort 6 Leadership Session: October 13 (VIRTUAL--1 to 4), Session #360960

If your district/campus is sending a team through NASOT training, their first session will now be one-day only on October 8, held virtually as well. This training is Session #360975.


Surveys are the way we start the process of any level in the HRS framework.

Cohort 6, you should have received survey links this week from Marzano Resources. These should be completed by Oct. 2 to allow time for their team to run the reports you'll use during the Oct. 13 training.

Other Cohorts, surveys should be developed and completed at the campus level. You may choose to use the questions provided in the handbook through whatever resource works best for your campus (Google Forms, Teams, Survey Monkey, etc.). If you need help with this process, please reach out to the Region 9 HRS Team.

2020-21 Schedule of Training

Please click on the graphic below to access the schedule of trainings for the 2020-21 school year for Cohort 5 and our new Cohort 6.

Remember that schools in Cohorts 1-4 may attend trainings on an as-needed basis. Please register ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. This is a great way to stay on top of all things HRS.

As with everything this year, the schedule is subject to change and the mode of delivery (whether face-to-face or virtual) will be determined as quickly as possible.

2020-21 Certification Information

If you are interested in certifying in any HRS level this, it is important to let one of us know. The best way to inform us about your interest is to complete and submit the certification application as soon as possible. The application for certification can be found here but also on our website at

Certification will look a little different. Marzano Resources has moved to using Moodle as a evidence collection tool. You'll work with a Marzano Resources associate througout the process with them reviewing your work and giving feedback along the way. Once they feel you are ready for certification, a certifier will review the evidence to make a certification decision.

As always, your Region 9 team will work with you as you go about creating action plans and collecting evidence.

As you considering the possibility to pursue certification, please keep the following critical commitments in mind:

Level 1 - Safety procedures, protocols, and PLCs are alive and well (while the work of PLCs is never complete, PLCs should be organized and meeting regularly about those PLC topics before pursuing certification in this level).

Level 2- There is a school-wide model of instruction, teachers are setting goals and participating in instructional rounds.

Level 3- Your campus practices include a curriculum based and data-driven instruction, a vocabulary framework, and work on proficiency scales/TEKS breakdowns.

Resource: R9 HRS Website

If you haven't had a chance yet, take a look at our new website! You can find it at The link below will give you a tour of what you can find on our website. It is always a work in progress, but it is one we hope will help you on your HRS journey.