Ms. Doggett's Class Newsletter

January 2016

Hello Parents ,

Welcome to 2016! I can't believe our year is half way over!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break! I wanted to thank all the parent volunteers who helped make our holiday celebration a success, we had a blast!

As we end the Second Quarter, I want to take this time to review some school rules and policies.

  • Cell phones are not to be used in school. If your child must have their phones with them for after school purposes, it must be off and in their backpacks.
  • Any medication that your child needs to take during school hours must be brought to the office. Students are not allowed to carry medication in their backpacks.
  • If your child is going home with another student they must have a note stating that they will be going home a different way. Either a written note or email will work!

Thank you for your continued help and support, it is greatly appreciated.

Ms. Doggett


This past week, we ended our Weather Unit. We discussed global weather patterns and the effects it can have on our local weather. Students were interested to learn about El Nino and La Nina and tracked the current weather conditions in the US caused by EL Nino. Students learned about the Jet Stream and with last week's dropping temperatures, were able to have a real life example of how the jet stream can effect us here in North Carolina.

Students have continued to watch a daily weather forecast and track the weather using a weather chart. I encourage watching the weather with your child and asking them what they're observing in class.

We will start our next unit, Force and Motion, after the end of the quarter.

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