March 2020

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Spring break is right around the corner! It is so hard to imagine that we are in the home stretch of completing another school year. We have some exciting news in our Special Programs Division! Reading Interventions for all schools will now be a part of the Special Programs Division. Mrs. Karin Miller will be the Reading Teacher Specialist that will monitor tiered reading intervention programs through MTSS. Her responsibilities will include organizing, scheduling, maintaining and securing materials, monitoring implementation and reading intervention documents, reading intervention coaching, as well as school and county leadership with reading intervention professional development. Previously, Mrs. Miller was the Reading Resource Teacher for Preston Elementary School. We are very excited to have her as a member of our division.

A big thank you to our collaborative team of educators, parents and community organizations that engage and empower our diverse learners to develop their maximum potential in their school and community.

Elizabeth Anthony


It has been exciting to see our students making growth on their IEP grade-level goals, along with their instructional level goals during the 2nd quarter. For our students in K - 8, we have also been using iReady data to track progress in reading and math plus adjust instruction based on their progress. You should have just received your student's progress report along with report cards. If you have any questions, please reach out to your student's case manager.

Over the winter months, our special education leadership team has been extremely busy rolling out various types of professional development opportunities to our teachers focusing on specially designed instruction, compliance support, and assistive technology integration.
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Our 1st Sensory Sensitive Holiday Evening was a success!

Over 65 parents and children attended our 1st Sensory Sensitive holiday evening on December 10th at the Culinary Center. Children created felt crafts with their families, got to visit with Santa and received a special holiday book plus enjoyed dinner together. It was a very special evening full of huge smiles from kids of all ages! The picture above is just a few of the staff members who came out to support our families that night.

National and State Leaders Supporting our Teams

iPads in Action!

FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES - Special Education Citizen's Advisory Committee (SECAC)

A Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee (SECAC) is a committee established by the local school system to seek meaningful input from parents, community partners, service providers, educators, and administrators on local issues relative to the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) and the achievement of students with disabilities. To work most effectively a SECAC operates as a partnership between parents and families, community leaders and organizations, educators, and administrators at the local level. A local SECAC enables a local director of special education to collaborate with others on local issues and it has the potential to facilitate positive changes in the delivery of special education services and the achievement of students with disabilities. [COMAR 13A.05.02.13I]

SECAC Calendar of Events

March 31, 2020, Tuesday at 6pm, Board of Education

Bonnie Larrimore - Parent Educator Parents Place

Helping your Child Get What They Need: From the IEP Process to Accessing Online Resources

April 16, 2020, Thursday at 6pm, North Caroline High School

Community Resource Fair & 4th Annual Staff Appreciation Night

April 21, 2020, Tuesday at 6pm, Board of Education

Dr. Duane Isava, Ph.D., NCSP

Executive Director and Registered Psychology Associate Halcyon Wellness Center

Promoting Social Skills and Pragmatic Language in Children

May 5, 2020, Tuesday from 10am - 1pm, Tuckahoe State Park

Discovery Day Expo featuring community agencies and organizations to support our families

Please RSVP to Cynthia Brummell, Family Support Resource Coordinator 410-479-3609 or brummell.cynthia@ccpsstaff.org if you plan to attend.


Caroline County Public Schools along with Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, and Talbot Counties are hosting the fifth annual Career Expo. Your student is invited to attend the Career Expo as part of Caroline County’s continuing efforts to prepare students for post-secondary success by connecting students with local and regional career opportunities.

**Students are required to dress in Interview-Ready attire (business casual) in order to attend the trip**

When is the Career Expo?

  • March 19, 2020

  • 9:30-1:30 (Group one: 9:30-11:00, Group two: 12:00-1:30)

  • See permission slip for group number

Where is the Career Expo?

  • Chesapeake College, 1000 College Cir, Wye Mills, MD 21679

  • Chesapeake College Health Professions and Athletics Center Building (HPAC)

What is expected from my student at the Career Expo?

  • Participants are expected to attend the Career Expo ready to make a great first impression!

  • Students are required to dress in Interview-Ready attire (business casual)

  • Students are expected to bring copies of their resume and be ready to provide them to employers.

  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while attending the Career Expo.

What can my student expect to experience at the Career Expo?

  • Regional employers from Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, and Talbot Counties with job positions will be present and will be conducting introductory interviews and information sessions.

  • The employers will be providing feedback of their interactions with students as they attend the Career Expo. This feedback will be used to improve instruction in workplace readiness.

  • Students will participate in a college tour of Chesapeake College.

  • Students will participate in breakout sessions to improve employability success.

How will my student get to the Career Expo?

  • CCPS buses will transport students to and from the Career Expo

How much does the Career Expo trip cost?


How do I register?

  • Students must register with their case manager.

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Maryland Special Education Parent Involvement Survey

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Parents or guardians of children receiving special education and related services will be mailed the Maryland Special Education Parent Involvement Survey from the Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services during the week of February 3, 2020. Parents are asked to complete the survey and return it in the postage paid envelope by May 18, 2020. The Survey may also be completed online. Please look for details in your survey packet. Your feedback will help guide efforts to improve special education and related services in your local school system. Your voice can make a real difference for your child and many other children across the state of Maryland. To learn more, please visit https://www.mdparentsurvey.com.


As early interventionists, we believe parents are their children’s best teachers and that children learn best when they are in familiar places with familiar people. Eating, bathing, playing with siblings, and taking trips to the store are all activities in which learning takes place. Research in child learning tells us that your everyday activities at home and in your community are the best places for your child to learn. We start out getting to know you by learning more about the daily routines of your family. This allows us to help you find ways to help your child participate even more in the activities that are already happening with your family. Early interventionists will support your family in discovering those simple activities that you can do during everyday routines that will enhance your child’s development.
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The Caroline County Public School’s Regional Pre-K 3 Programs and Pre-K Classrooms will now be participating in the Raising a Reader Program! A professional development was held in January to inform teachers about the components of the program.

The Raising a Reader Program believes that this initiative will ensure parents are empowered with the knowledge and resources they need to help develop the foundation of academic success, literacy in their children. All children will receive a “Red Bag” to bring home each week and discover the treasures (books) inside.

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Gifted and Talented News

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This infographic highlights helpful information about gifted and talented learners. It is important to know the characteristics of a gifted learner and to gain a better understanding of how our gifted and talented students develop as well as some of the social emotional challenges they might encounter.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or questions about our gifted and talented program. I look forward to a continued collaboration with teachers, counselors and administration to implement programs to meet the needs of our gifted and talented learners.

English Learners News

Caroline County Public Schools continues to ensure that English learners (ELs), including immigrant children and youth, attain English language proficiency and meet the same standards that all children are expected to meet. We currently have almost 500 English learners enrolled in Caroline County Public Schools. CCPS wants to work hand in hand with our EL students and their families to make sure your child is successful in school and that you have the resources you need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher, guidance counselor or school administrators if you have any questions or concerns.

We will be hosting a Parent/Family Engagement Night on April 20th at Greensboro Elementary School for our families at Greensboro Elementary, Denton Elementary and Ridgely Elementary from 6:00-7:30pm. We will host a Parent/Family Engagement Night on April 29th at Federalsburg Elementary School for our families at Federalsburg and Preston Elementary. Please join us for a fun-filled evening where you can learn more about our school communities. A flyer will be sent home with more information about these events. I look forward to seeing everyone on April 20th and April 29th!

504 News

Please remember to make the school aware of any changes that can have an impact on your child’s 504 Plan. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s school should you have any questions or concerns about their 504 Plan. You do not have to wait until the date of your annual review to ask questions or check in on your child’s progress.

Christal Harkowa

Supervisor of Instruction

English Learners, Gifted & Talented and 504


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