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Clayton Ridge Schools: May 2021

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Iowa Immunization Law Requirements

Jody Pierce BSN RN

Clayton Ridge MS/HS Nurse

Iowa Immunization Law requires:

  • All students entering 7th grade to have the Meningococcal vaccine AND a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, or whooping cough) booster before school starts in the fall.
  • All students entering 12th grade to have a second dose of the Meningococcal vaccine before school starts this fall. This dose must be given after the age of 16. (One dose meets the requirement if it was received when the child was 16 years of age or older.)

Students WILL NOT be allowed to start school in the Fall of 2021 without proof of these vaccines or a valid exemption on file.

Iowa Law also requires:

  • All students entering 9th grade have a dental screening by a dentist or dental hygienist within one year before the start of school, but no later than 4 months after the school year has started.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

CREA Honors 4 Retired Members June 1, 2021 at Bootlegger's

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We Did It!

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Award Winners

Elementary PBIS Raffle Winners

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Elementary Students were All Treated with a Scholastic Book for Summer Reading!

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Third Grade Camp Out

Third-grade classes have been reading “The Camping Trip” during whole group reading. On May 28, they did a classroom camp out during reading class. Each child put a small blanket over his/her desk and read a chapter book using a flashlight. Camping snacks were also a highlight.

Second Grade Goes to the River Museum

Fifth Grade Video

5th Grade Animal

Fifth Grade Family Picnic

Thank you so much for coming out today! Your children are so proud of their creations and for them to show them off today was amazing! We will forever and always be their teachers. If we can do anything for them, anytime…..feel free to reach out to us! Mrs. Stannard and Mrs. Lawrence

Fifth Grade Planting Day

5th Graders have been researching butterfly gardens and planting different kinds of vegetables with the help of their teachers and Abbey from Osborne.

To start our planting day, we paired up with a kindergarten friend and helped them plant the bean plant they germinated in their classroom!

Then 5th-grade students broke into groups. They planted Indian corn, popcorn, several varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash.

Another group of 5th graders started on the design of the butterfly garden.

All hands were on deck to complete the planting of the butterfly garden before school was dismissed. Students did a wonderful job communicating and working together. Next week we will get the mulch to cover the paths for the garden and officially become a Monarch Waystation for butterflies!

Special thanks to The Wahls Family for preparing the dirt, Willenborgs for donated the Indian corn, Mike Dorsey for donating butterfly prairie mix, and Abbey from Osborne for helping us research, prepare and plant!

#FifthGradeEagleGarden #CREagles #WeareEagles

Fifth Grade Obstacle Course

5th grade set up an obstacle course for us and we loved the challenge! Also, we had a beautiful day at the park last Friday. Lots of fun pictures to share.

Guest Speakers at CRES

4th and 5th graders were able to listen to Mr. Rick Jensen present on his 2,500-mile bike trip on Route 66. He traveled from Los Angeles to Chicago on his bike. His journey and story were fascinating! The students had many questions and loved listening to him. Thank you, Mr. Jensen!

5th Graders walked up to the city park today and heard a presentation from the Garnavillo Historical Society on Althea Sherman. Staff dressed as Althea and played the part of pieces of her life. She was an artist, an art teacher, and later in life, a self-taught and educated ornithologist (someone who studies birds). Students learned about the Sherman Swift Tower in National, Iowa, and its history.

Field Day

5th graders loved field day on June 1!

Sixth and Seventh Grade Merit Trip to Backbone State Park

Sixth and 7th graders went on a Merit Trip to Backbone State Park. They hiked the trail, cooked lunch over the campfire, and played outside. It was a beautiful day and the kids had loads of fun!

Poetry Contest

Third-grade students are studying poetry in reading class and wrote poems. The winner in Mrs.Connelly’s room was Anabelle Finch.

The Camping Trip

by Anabelle Finch

Once we had gone to the park,

We had hot dogs when it got dark.

We set up the tents very nice,

After that we had shaved ice.

We set up the fire nice and firm,

Then after that I found a worm.

When I yawned and went to sleep,

I heard something go creep, creep, creep.

I woke up in a panic, there was no time to waste,

I ran out of the tent like I was in a race.

I saw nothing but smoke and sticks,

It was from the fire, hot like bricks.

I got my parents out of bed.

We walked over to see the creature’s head.

I didn’t know what to think of the thing.

We saw another tent, we heard something!

Hey, that sounds just like the noise from before.

Then I heard something more!

And Mr. Mime fell out the door!

The 2nd place winner in Mrs.Connelly’s room was Bristol Allyn.

I’m Back

by Bristol Allyn

The day has come,

“I’m back!” I say.

I find my seat

And start the day!

Sharpened pencils,

Big, big grin.

I just can’t wait

To dive right in!

My teacher looks like

So much fun!

My learning here

Has just begun!

I’ll meet new friends,

And old ones, too!

I’m feeling GREAT!

How about you?

Fifth Grade Visits Fort Crawford

We had a great day learning about the history of Fort Crawford, including the Military Hospital and the PDC Museum. Students learned new frontier games as well. Hoop Rolling, Game of Graces, and they made Whirly-gigs! Due to the rain, the museum scheduled us some time with a magical, balloon artist and face painter as well. Students had time at the end of the day to reflect by thinking about what they heard, saw, and learned! It was a great day to be a CR Eagle!

Spring Concert

Locker Cleanout

Amyra and Lola swept the floor and took recycling downstairs with the help of a few others too. They rocked locker cleanout!!
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CRHS Class of 2021 Goes to Florida!

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What's New at the Guttenberg Library?

Nancy Ruzicka
Youth Services Director

The library is now open regular hours.

Mon. 10-6

Tues. 10-5

Wed. 10-6

Thurs. 10-5

Fri. 10-5

Sat. 10-1

The meeting room is also open and available to be rented for private meetings.

Ms. Nancy and Leanne have made an interactive Fairy House for all children to come in and use. We have Fairy wings to wear, wands, pixie dust, scavenger hunts, and more!

Guttenberg Library Foundation annual book sale will be held

June 4 from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the library.

Library summer programming will be June 14 - July 24. Every Friday at 2:00 p.m. the library will be hosting a summer program. They will all be outside in the park weather permitting. Check our Facebook page and The Guttenberg Press for further details.

Some of the programming will include, kindness rock painting, Osborne Storytime, StoryWalk on River Park Dr. a magician and more!

The library will also have Grab -n-go craft bags available all summer long.

Have a great summer and hope to see you at the library!

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Words on Wellness

2021-2022 District Calendar

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About Clayton Ridge Community Schools

Clayton Ridge Community School District has both a north and south campus. The northern campus is located in the midst of the rolling prairie of Garnavillo, Iowa and currently serves students in grades PK-5. The southern campus is situated among the picturesque Mississippi River bluffs and boasts a magnificent view of the mighty river and Lock & Dam 10 in Guttenberg, Iowa. The south campus serves middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12).