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It all starts here at C.M. Sottoriva SpA - Marano-Vicentino, Italy

Each work day of the year, a dedicated group of people employed at our company come to design, fabricate, and construct machinery that is engineered for your bakery or food production facility. It is then checked out and tested in accordance to ISO 9001 Standards. Afterwards, your machines are wrapped and packed for transport worldwide. It is our people that we need to recognized every day for a job well done.

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Rich Wall and Igino Sottoriva invite you to come join us in Booth # 9834 !

We recognize you, the Customer.....

and we thank you for placing your trust in us as your key bakery equipment supplier. We work hard for that trust, and, we're thankful that we've been able to deliver on our promises to each and every one of you. For our company, customer service is a work in progress every day. We work on it, and, we strive to improve every way possible for you.

Come see what's happening with Sottoriva at IBIE 2013 - Booth #9834

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