I Am Number 4

Connecting Modern Literature to Greek Mythology

About the Characters

John Smith is the main character in the book (i am number 4). He is really good at fitting in. Both him and his Father (protector) Henri Smith. They have to move a lot around the world just to stay hidden and isolated from the mogadorians.

Bernie Kosar is the name of a stray dog that follows john around. Now he lives with john and Henri.

Sam Goode is Johns best friend in Ohio and he knows a lot about where John Smith is originally from. John thinks that Sam might know something that him and Henri dont know about their home planet and the Mogadorians.

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Three Are Dead.... I Am Number 4
I Am Number Four Book Trailer


Audio Recording on Wednesday evening by Stcyrmidic

Featuring John Smith (number four) as the protagonist


I think that this book is great for people who like Science Fiction and books about people with supernatural powers.


Who would you recommend this book to? I would recommend this book to people that like Science fiction. Also by people who believe that there could be life on other planets.

What is the genre of the book you read? The genre of the book that i read is Science Fiction

If there were a sequel to this book, would you read it? There are three books in the Lorien Series and yes if i like the first book in the series, then i would want to know what would happen in the next two books.


Connection #1- In the book I am Number 4, the quarterback, Mark James, is obsessed with ex-cheerleader and his Ex-Girlfriend and all he wants to do is get her back. Until John Smith comes into the picture and steals Sarahs heart. This is just like Pyramus and Thisbe. Pyramus cant stop thinking about Thysbe just like Mark can stop thinking about Sarah.

Connection #2- In the book I am Number 4 the main character John Smith had to travel away from his home planet of Lorien to Planet Earth. Just like in the Greek Myth Orpheus & Eurydice, when they had to travel away from home in order to live.

Connection #3- In the book I am Number 4 no body likes the quarter back Mark James. He is not the nicest person and he is very jealous of John becasue he is starting to become close to Sarah. Mark is alot like Zeus, because they will both do anything to get their way.