The Colorful Creature

Charlotte Scholze


Do you know what animal looks like a flower but sways in the ocean? You guessed it, the Sea Anemone! The Sea Anemone has more than 1,000 species! That’s a lot of anemones with powerful string like stingers in their tentacles that can sting and paralyze a fish in an instant. Some very cool things about this small but powerful animal are what they eat, how they reproduce, and especially how they look.

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Fairy Bread

My recipe is fairy bead. I chose it because it look very good and yummy.

~Fairy bread is cut white bread spread with margarine or butter (sweet butter) and covered with sprinkles or hundreds and thousands which stick to the spread bread. It is typically cut into four triangles.

~It is commonly served at children's parties in Australia and New Zealand. The origin of fairy bread is unknown, but it may come from the poem 'Fairy Bread' in Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, published in 1885.


  • 8-10 slices white bread,rimmed of crust

  • butter or margarine

  • candy sprinkles (hundreds and thousands)


1.Spread slices of bread with butter or margarine.

2.Sprinkle with candy sprinkles.

3.Cut into triangles.

4.Arrange on serving plate.

Super Sea Anemone With the Fun Quiz

I have made one quiz about what you know on the Sea Anemone after you read the paragraphs and one comic about how a Sea Anemone can eat something as big as a bird.
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Under the Sea Look

In my diorama, I included two sea anemones, two crabs, one butterfly fish, one octopus, two sea horses, one parrot fish, one jelly fish, one sea star, sea weed, coral, and brain coral. I included 11 animals.
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My dream Aquarium

For my Go Fish project, my theme was full of bright and exotic colors. I bought three plants that were a very pretty color blue and the other one was a bright purple. The glass coral was a greenish blueish color. My fake sea anemone is going to look so cool in my tank. All of the things together cost (with the tank and filter) $113.38. With tax it is $120.18. My budget is $250.00 and I had $129.82 left to spend on fish. The fishes I bought were two Balloon Belly Molly fish and they have very big bellies. I also bought one Dwarf Gourami for $4.89, one Silver Hatchet fish for $4.19, three Zebra Ponio for $5.67, and one Dalmation Lyrcatail Molly for $1.24. All of the fish all together cost $18.04. I have $111.78 left from my budget of $250.00. I think I did pretty well on my budget.
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