Branch Rickey & Perseverance

By: Sydney Pollitt, Period 4

Summary of Example 1

Branch Rickey, kept trying to compromise with a hotel manager to let a black baseball player stay in the hotel with his team.


Summary of Example 2

Branch Rickey wanted to change the rules and allow blacks to sit anywhere in a baseball stadium.


Quote #1

"He had demanded and received and came to the conclusion that if I had been white people would have said,” Here’s a guy who’s a contender a competitor.”


Quote #2

“This was the reason Branch Rickey’s search had been so exhaustive. The search had spanned the globe and narrowed down to a few candidates and finally to me.”


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Picture Source

A sunny day at Dodger's Stadium

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Picture Source

Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson at a signing.

Book Source

Robinson, Jackie. "The Noble Experiment." Comp. Alfred Duckett. The Language of Literature. Vol. 7. Evanston: McDougal Littell, 2002. 288-95. Print.