January Newsletter

Ms. Theus's Class

Welcome to 2016


Please continue to practice reading and writing all of our past sounds at home as we move into our more difficult sounds. This month we will review all digraph sounds (sh,ch,th, wh, and ph). We will begin to learn qu, le, and the bossy r sounds (ar, er, ir,ur, or). For comprehension we have been going over character, setting, and beginning, middle, and end of stories, as well as main idea. We are going to move forward with find the problem and solution in our stories. While reading at home I encourage you to ask your student about the problem and solution along with our other skills. As always there is a spelling test every Friday and I will grade them by Monday. In case you would like extra homework or reading just let me know and I am more than welcome to give it to you.

Social Studies

We will finish our social studies unit and begin our science kit. We have been focusing on culture and embracing the many cultures in our classroom. We will spend time talking about the countries Japan, Africa, and Mexico.

Thursday January 14, 2016 we will have a field trip to the Children's Museum. There they will learn about music from other cultures. I am looking for three chaperones. You need to have your back ground and be willing to lead a group of students. It is first come first serve. Please see me for questions.


We are beginning to learn how to write personal narratives. Students will be writing personal stories about themselves. At home suggest to students things that they can write about at class. We will be on this unit through the end of February.


This month we are moving to the hard stuff in math. We will be learning addition and subtraction WITH regrouping. This is a very difficult concept for students and your child will need to know this to be successful in second grade. So please spend lots of time practicing this at home.

Additional information

We will need four dollars for the field trip. The field trip permission form and money are due by Monday January 11, 2016.

Thank you!


Ms. Theus