School Nutrition Program Updates


Summer Mandate Cost Reporting Deadline

This guidance is for those who participate in the mandated summer feeding program.

  • Thank you for participating in Summer Nutrition Programs administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). We appreciate your partnership to help Texas children in need to access nutrition during the summer months.

  • As part of your school district’s legislatively mandated participation in the 2020 summer nutrition programs, state law requires any resulting operating costs for mandated operation dates to be reported to TDA. This requirement also includes school districts that may have partnered or collaborated with another school district or entity during the summer to offer summer nutrition programs.
  • CEs will report the costs for operating a summer program based on the dates of mandated operation only. Costs of operating as a COVID summer site prior to your mandated operation do not need to be submitted on this cost report.
  • Instructions are provided to help in completing and submitting the cost report form. The deadline for providing this information to TDA is October 9, 2020. It is imperative you submit your report by the stated deadline, as this information will be provided by the district to the Legislature.
  • School districts mandated to participate in the 2020 summer nutrition programs are required to submit the Summer Cost Report form through TX-UNPS unless a waiver was granted.
  • The form which is now available on TX-UNPS by following School Nutrition Programs > Applications > Summer Nutrition Program Costs enables school districts to report any operating costs to TDA even if the costs were $0.00. If operating costs were $0.00, please enter $0.01 to avoid errors. This cost reporting form should be completed and submitted to TDA in TX-UNPS by October 9, 2020.
  • Several ISD’s have already submitted their cost reports but of those submitted there are many in error status simply because they did not enter .01 instead of .00 when reporting zero costs as the instructions explain.

Update Attachment B: Upload Attachments in SNP Application


Attachment B: Upload Attachments

Uploading Certification and Benefit Issuance and Documentation in TX-UNPS

  • Starting School Year (SY) 2020-2021 and each SY forward, each CE must provide its certification and benefit issuance templates to TDA. To streamline the submission, TDA has developed a tool for collecting these documents that is located in TX-UNPS | Application Screen | Attachment B: Upload Attachments.

  • CEs that operate CE-wide Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) or Provision 2 (P2) in a Non-Base Year are not required to upload household applications, directions, and notification letters.

  • Directions for document submission are located in TX-UNPS | Application Screen | Download Forms | SNP Form 134, Directions for Uploading Certification and Benefit Issuance Documentation in TX-UNPS.

  • This tool opened on August 1, 2020, and will close on October 31, 2020.

*Be sure to check the Attachment B Submitted in the Checklist of the Application Packet Dashboard.

Attachment B for SY 20-21 Meal Service

Attachment B, Policy Statement for Free and Reduced-Price Meals and COVID-19 Flexibilities

  • Contracting entities (CEs) must update their Attachment B, Policy Statement for Free and Reduced-Price Meals to reflect the CE’s COVID-19 operational practices for School Year (SY) 2020-2021 if the CE will change practices from what is indicated in the CE’s current Attachment B. Information on grab and go, home delivery, meals in the classroom, multiple meals served to students, and non-traditional meal service methods must be reported in Question 10.

The Attachment B, Policy Statement for Free and Reduced-Price Meals is located in TX-UNPS > Application Screen > Attachment B.

SY 20-21 Administrative Review and Procurement Review

  • CEs receiving an Administrative Review (AR) and/or a Procurement Review (PR) are being contacted with a notification initial letter.
  • The AR process involves a desk review (online) and on-site formats. TDA understands the concern of CEs having an on-site review during the COVD-19 pandemic. The AR Specialist will contact the CE via email 12 weeks from the on-site review. The email will include a checklist, an outline of the AR, and a scheduled conference call to discuss the process with the AR Specialist. If you have concerns about the on-site review this is the time to discuss it with the AR Specialist.
  • The PR process is strictly a desk review (online format). It is important to be prepared for the PR. Be familiar with the requested information.
  • PR Documents -

  • Procurement Policy - CN should have a separate policy from the ISD. CN regulations are slightly different from EDGAR regulations.

See the link provided for guidance to prepare for the reviews.

SY 20-21 Information

  • SBP/NSLP Guidelines/Compliance - When the SY begins whether the curriculum is in the building or online you will follow SBP/NSLP guidelines.
  • SY 20-21 Site Applications - The application is submitted under the SBP/NSLP site applications as always.
  • Implementing Flexibilities - Once the local decision is made for the type of curriculum and meal service provided, determine if USDA/TDA flexibilities are needed to implement.
  • Intake Forms -TDA will post Intake Forms for each flexibility on as USDA releases them.
  • Non-congregate Meal Service - Districts must make sure the following is tied to a student's reimbursable meal:
  1. Eligibility
  2. Type of meal (Breakfast/Lunch)
  3. School site the student attends
  • Home Delivery (HD) - CE must have household consent documentation prior to HD meal service.
  • Meals Accessible - During non-congregate meal service CEs are charged to make meals accessible to students. However, it is a local decision on the method to provide meals. You do not have to implement HD. CEs advertise the time and place of meal service implemented and it is up to the households whether they participate or not.
  • Choice of Milk - Regardless of implementing "straight serve" to all students you must still offer a choice of milk as of 7/22/2020. Update site applications to reflect implementing OVS or not when/if implementation changes.
  • Local Decisions - Each CE must make a local decision on the type of meal service implemented. Procedures need to be created for safety, sanitation, and staff training.
  • Approval of Procedures - The ESC Specialists do not approve CE procedures. TDA approves procedures by acceptance of Intake Forms and during an Administrative Review.
  • Food Safety and Sanitation - For food safety and sanitation questions contact your local health department. Food safety and sanitation guidance is located on too.

SBP/NSLP Waivers

  • Waivers and Intake Forms are located on
  • Intake forms must be submitted to TDA when implementing flexibilities.
  • TDA provides Intake forms on as USDA releases waivers.

CACFP At-Risk Updates

  • SY 20-21 waivers are approved for CACFP but NOT At-Risk at this time (7/22/2020). Waiting for approval from USDA on virtual enrichment.
  • No home delivery (HD) waiver for At-Risk as of 7/22/2020.
  • See the link below for CACFP flexibility information.

SY 20-21 Fall Planning Resources

Region 6 Child Nutrition Specialists

Julie Dorman

Child Nutrition Program Specialist, SNP/SSO


Cindy Scott

Child Nutrition Program Specialist, SNP/SSO


Dina Herrick

Child Nutrition Program Specialist, CACFP/SFSP


This guidance is not considered all-inclusive.

  • Please see for further guidance.
  • Note: If TDA makes changes to the website direct links in this announcement may become void.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. This program is funded by the USDA.