By:Gary Paulsen


The plane crashed because the pilot had a heart attacked.So Brian had to fly the plane himself.So he started thinking "when is this plane going to run out of gas when it does I have to land in water".Then the plane starts to jerk the plane is letting Brian know it's running out of gas.By this time Brian had found a lake and went straight towards it and the plane was as fast as a torpedo then it crashed into the water.

Summary Of The Book

In the start of the book a kid was going to see his father so his mom dropped him off at a local airport. When he was in the plane the pilot taught him somethings about flying an airplane.Then while the pilot was flying he seemed to be having a heart attack.The boy had to fly the plane all by himself. He was flying the airplane worried when it will run out of gas then it did he crashed into a canadian forest. He learned to survive on his own for 2 months.