Friday Notes for LMS Staff

August 25, 2017

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Upcoming Meetings:

Monday: Leadership

Wednesday: Work it Wednesday- PLC for all department including explo

PTA Support

Our PTA will be assisting with a $50 grant for your classroom. You may submit receipts to the PTA box with your name or you may go to Copelins Office Supply store where your name is on file. Forms will be coming soon.

To join PTA, see Linda for the forms. It's only $6 for a teacher membership and includes a shirt.

NPS Social Media Policy

Please review the social media policy.

Dell Computers

If you would like to have one of the Dell computers added to your classroom, please respond to the google form by next Friday.

Locker Rooms

No student should be in the locker room or band/ orchestra rooms before school until 8:25. Doors should be locked and remain locked the rest of the day.


Just a reminder if you would like to apply for a grant or you are receiving any items from outside of school, please look at the procedures from the district.

Alarms will be set starting as soon as the district provides codes

Please make sure that you have your codes ready to go for after hours access to the building. Dee is usually here until about 11:30 pm. See Lynne Thompson if you need an alarm code.

Morning Duty

To assist with coverage, 7th graders will only be allowed on the north side of the gym to the softball fence. They should not be on the field. We will start making the change announcement on Monday.

New Norman North Athletic App

Norman Athletics is excited to release a new App for Timberwolf Athletics. With this APP you will have the most up to date scores, highlights, and video of Timberwolf sports. Download to follow your wolves! To download to an Apple product, go to the app store and search for Norman North Athletics.


All Marzano goals are due on October 20th in iObservation. There will be time in PLC to work on goals.

Common Language Tip for the Week

Are you students suddenly distracted on their mac when you are giving instructions? Remind students to go into courtesy mode which is where they lower their screen.

PRIDE card updates

We are in the process of finalizing PRIDE cards and making sure we have all student's pictures. We have ordered the cards but are waiting for them to be delivered so that we can begin printing. The goal will be to have them finished and passed out before Thursday.

GCN Updates and Due Dates

The Global Compliance Network (GCN) server update is complete and you may begin working on your 2017-2018 annual required Professional Development. The following trainings are required for ALL staff, certified and support.

Compliance Training on GCN

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness for Employees (due by 9/8/17)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (due by 9/8/17)
  • Bullying (due by 9/8/17)
  • Child Abuse Awareness (due by 9/8/17)
  • Hazard Communications (due by 9/8/17)
  • Title IX (due by 9/8/17)

Additional Requirements for CERTIFIED Staff:

  • Internet Safety (due by 10/20/17)
  • Digital Security and Protection (due by 10/20/17)

Additional Requirements for Administrative and Instructional Staff:

These tutorials can be found under the "Optional Tutorials" Tab.

  • Discrimination (due by 9/8/17)
  • Diversity for Supervisors (due by 9/8/17)

You will be able to view your required tutorials at the following link:

Click on "Login to view training."

  • Click on “existing user”
  • The Organization ID is "norman" (lower case)
  • If you are a new employee for the 17-18 school year, your “Personal ID” will be your 5-digit EID#

The program will list the tutorials you are required to complete.

Your administrator will have access to a report of your tutorial completion. It is not necessary to print your certificate of completion unless you would like it for your personal records.

If you have any issues logging in, please contact Dawn Denton at the PDC. or 366-5856