Tiger Snakes

by Adela E 3A

A tiger snake is a venomous Australian reptile. The scientific name is a Notechies scutatus. Tiger snakes live near fresh water, grass lands, coastal dunes, heath lands, woodlands, forests, hollow logs, tree stumps, burrows of other animals, rocks, among tussock grasses and edges of swamps.

The tiger snake has a greyish body and pale orange stripes that is why it is called a tiger snake. It has a broad blunt head and a long body it I 1.5 m. Babies am 17 to 27 cm long when they hatch.

The tiger snake eats most animals like skinks, small mammals, birds, frogs, lizards, small snakes, fish, mice, rats, rabbits and chicks.

Tiger snakes are very interesting reptiles because they are very aggressive even when they are newborn.