Dominique Margaux Dawes

Marisol Sanchez

Birth Date

November 20,1976

What Dominique Dawes is famous for

She participated in the Olympic Games as part of the U.S. Women's gymnastics team in 1992.


Dominique started taking gymnastic lessons when she was 6 years old. She started taking lessons from Kelli Hill, who remained Dominique's coach for her entire gymnastics career.


Dominique went to the University of Maryland, College Park.


At the National championships in 1994,Dominique Dawes won all around gold.


"I love how gymnastics allowed me to push myself and find out what I was capable of accomplishing."

"I know that people were watching the Olympics and they saw me grow up and succeed, and now that I am older, I realize I am apart of something bigger."

Life Lesson

I have learned that if you think your apart of something small it might lead you to something big.

What Dominique Dawes is like

  • determined
  • flexible
  • confident
  • calm
  • trustworthy

Other facts about Dominique

  • Dominique was the 1994 American National Champion in gymnastics.
  • Dominique has a lifetime of accomplishments in her credit.
  • Most observers agreed that Dawes will make the 1996 Olympic team.
  • Dawes is still a senior statesman at any world classes.
  • Dawes became a gymnastics coach after retiring from gymnastics.


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