The Call Of The Wild

By Jack London


Buck is a god who always seems to come out on top of all else.  For exampling, in the beginning of the book, when Buck was on Judge Miller's Plce, he was neither a house dog or a dog that was in the pens.  When he wanted to he would wander around the estate, let the Judge's grandsons ride on him.  He would go hunting with the Judge's sons and even go for walk at night with the Judge's daughters.  However, one night Buck was taken by a gardener that works on the Judge's estate.  Once they reached their destination, Buck was treated poorly and desciplined.   after he learned his lesson, a man came and purchased him. This is when Buck was taken up into the cold North.  There, once again, he had to learn his spot and understand that things aren't the way they used to be when he lived on Judge Miller's Place.  Once he was North and after he learned his spot there was a large power srtruggle between him and another dog, Spitz.  One day, Buck and Spitz  fought which ended the power struggle with Buck on top.  Along with a new head of the Dog Sled Team, they also got new leaders.  These new leaders caused the team to crash into an ice cold river which caused the death of the entire team except for Buck. Buck was saved by a man named John Thornton.  He was forced to hunt with him and although he disliked killing other animals, he thought that it was worth it since it made his savior happy.  After being, a native tribe, the Yeehat tribe.  After his death Buck avenged Thornton.  He was the able to live with other wild dogs, but only if he was the leader of their pack.

Change In Setting

The setting in The Call Of The Wild by Jack London changes several time throughout the entire story.  For example, the story begins with Buck, the protagainist, on Judge Miller's Place.  Judge Miller's Place is a large esate, located in California.  After Buck was kidnapped, he was moved into a cooler atmosphere.  The next place he was forced to go is up North into the sheer cold.  There he fought Spitz and became the leader of the Dog Sled Team.  And, after the crash the setting changed for a forth time, this time he was to go live with John Thornton in his house as a hunting dog.  Then, after his death, the setting changed for the fifth and final time, after killing the Yeehat tribe, Buck went on to live in the wild with his pack if dogs.

Change In Theme

Originally, the theme begins as always having a sense of pride.  However, as the story progresses, Buck's sense of pride seems to always backfire on him.   For example, when Buck was first taken out of his cage, the man standing outside the cage beat him because Buck woould not stop trying to attack him.  If Buck did not have such a strong sense of pride then he most likely wouldn't have attacked the man, which would have prevented Buck from being hit.  As the story progresses, it is proven the having a sense of pride will most likely back fire and nothing good will come from it.  Shortly after this theme deminished, a new one appeared, this one being, primitivity.  Primititvity is seen in the story when Buck begins having dreams of mankind prior to the appearance of modernization and all the technoligy present in the world.  This is also present when Buck goes into the wild with his dog pack rather than finding another human to live with.  Along with being in the book, this theme also reflects on the world we live in today.  For example, today, people's lives are revolving around technology.  People need to have a phone so that it can remind them about upcoming events.  Or, people need computers to do projects.  Even though, some things that come with technology can improve the way we are living, people are growing too atatched to their electronics and appreciaing all the wonderful things we have in this beautiful world of ours.  All in all, throughout the story The Call Of The Wild, by Jack London, the theme changes from needing to have a sense of pride to primitivity, although primitivity is present in the book, it is lacking in the real world.  The technology we have today is imprisoning us much like how Buck felt in when he was kidnapped.


The book The Call Of The Wild, by Jack London, is a fanominal book.  On top of being a classic, Jack London uses several literary elements to express what Buck sees or his feelings about the situation he's currently in.  For example, Jack London used this simile when Buck was taking a command from John Thornton "Thornton's command shot out like a pistol shot." Furthermore, Jack London also used a lot of imigery every time the setting changed.  This is a quote that shows how Thornton explained a pack of hungry dogs "They were mere skeletons, draped loosely in dragged hides, with blazing eyes and slavered fangs."  All in all, Jack London used many literary elements to express many different things from a dog's appearnace to the way a man's voice sounds.  I would reccomend this book to anyone due to it's diversity in literary elements and plot in general.