START K-12 Intensive Training

Module 1: Foundations in ASD and the Teaming Process

The K-12 Intensive Training 2018-19 has begun! This training is a team-based approach in which a target student with Autism is selected and action plans are developed around Evidence-based practices in the field.

Training will continue throughout the school year and a newsletter will be sent out following each module for administrators including a snapshot of the learning, key points, and resources that can be useful talking points with staff who attend the training.

Module #1 Talking Points

  • Goal of the training is to apply knowledge and skills of evidence-based practices in Autism as a Team
  • Teams will be collecting baseline data on their target student in the areas of social skills, independence, and engagement.
  • The CETA (Classroom Environment and Teaching Assessment) is a self-reflection tool for teachers which outlines the supports considered critical for most students with Autism. Administrators can also use the tool as a guide.
  • Individuals with Autism process social cues and stimuli in brain regions that typically process images and sounds, making it extremely difficult for them to pick up on social nuances.
  • Effective teaming, including meeting essentials, practices and accountability of ALL team members
  • Meeting Mechanics Process
  • Visual organizers for meetings, paraeducators, data collection, schedule matrix, differentiated output methods, Peer to Peer
  • Power point and module handouts can be accessed in the START K-12 Materials Google Drive
  • Resources for Evidence Based Practices and Autism (OCALI, AFIRM Modules)


START Website- valuable resources and information for educators and families

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders-free professional resources for educators who work with individuals with Autism.

AFIRM Modules- FREE online professional learning for each of the 27 evidence-based practices for students with Autism.

MDE Family Matters- help sheets for families and educators from the MDE with information regarding LRE, IDEA, IEP Process and more. Help sheets are available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

SLP Resource- link to social/emotional skill sharing site.

Amazing Things Happen- link to a GREAT video about autism awareness!

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