Jonathan Tremblay

Period G Cultural Geography A


Together, globalization and Earth's physical features dictate the locations of civilizations, how they survive there, and what professions and people thrive there.

Six Word Claim:

People's lifestyles are influenced by globalization.

Nike is one of the world's most popular manufacturers of footwear and uses locations and materials all over the world.

Globalization Is...

The facilitation of the trade of goods and ideas in an interconnected world for the furtherment of economic and technologic growth.
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Nike; Resoures to Shoes


Nike uses Six main resources to manufacture their footwear, rubber, eva foam, synthetic leather, genuine leather, polyester, and cotton.
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**Black=rubber yellow=Eva foam tan=synthetic leather brown=genuine leather

blue=polyester white=cotton**


The largest clusters of manufacturing plants are located in south eastern Asia and South America.
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**The manufacturing plants are in teal, not yellow**
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Outside of a generic Nike factory
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Inside of a Chinese Nike factory to show conditions

Problems Created by Nike


Nike uses rubber in shoe. Due to the increase demand of this valued resource in both the tire industry and by Nike expands rubber plantations in southeast Asia. These plantations can be catastrophic to local endangered species.
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Mass producing companies, such as Nike, focus only on increasing ability of products and neglect the advancement of manufacturing machines.
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The poor safety conditions of Nike factories causes thousands of deaths per year. Since these workers have no insurance, this leaves their families without incoming money.
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Companies like Nike take away from traditional hand-made shoe companies in Europe, such as Pantofola d'Oro.
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How Those Problems Can Be Solved


This problem can be solved by following weight restrictions in buildings, having better conditions in factories, and having insurance for families for when catastrophes happen.
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Pros and Cons of Globalization


-Outsourcing jobs gives people in economically developing countries more opportunities, which can improve economic success and living standards

-Governments can work better together since there are greater ties in trade

-People have more choices with the access of foreign culture

-Global competition help stimulate creativity and new and greater ideas


-Outsourcing jobs takes jobs away from other countries, taking opportunities away from countries

-Greater chance of disease spread, such as AIDS, around the world

-It takes a violent toll on the environment

-Cultural diversity is fading as cultural experiences can be available everywhere

Globalization and Me

Six Word claim:

Globalization effects how I live life.

Because of globalization, I have the clothes I'm wearing, the shoes I'm wearing, and the computer I'm writing with.

Because of Globalization, I also live where I do. Since pharmaceutical businesses are most efficiently run in the USA and my family is from New England, I am situated there.
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Globalization in the Future

For future generations I think that globalization will increase the technology, especially in school and work environments, using more web 2.0 tools as the years go by. I also think that pressure from the US people will force companies like Nike to start giving their sweatshop workers benefits like insurance. Although this will help millions of impoverished people around the world, it will also make goods close to my home more expensive.