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Deborah Alessi

Face Forward-Enabling you to rise up after violence

Violence has so many negative effects on the victim, effects that may prevent the victim form being in a position to lead a normal and positive life. Due to this, there is usually a great need to ensure that victims are supported so that they can be able to rise from the ashes of violence and be able to move forward with their lives. There is a great urgency to provide quality and professional help to victims before the effects of violence cause a permanent damage to their lives especially to their brains. In most cases, the scars that are left after violence serve as a painful reminder of the event of violence that happened to the victim. Therefore, in order for the healing process to be successful, there is great need to ensure that the scars are removed.

The removal of physical scars that come about after the event of violence mainly involves surgical processes so as the scars can be removed completely. In addition to removing the scars, it is also important to provide psychological counseling to the victims so that they are able to move on from the painful ordeal. This involves providing the victim with important strategies on how to see the value& worth of their lives and thereby be able to lead positive lives. The path to complete recovery and healing from an act of violence requires a new beginning in life. This can only be got by having a new outlook on life and the opportunities that life offers to the victim.

At Face Forward, we provide all the necessary services (both surgeries and psychological counseling) that are required in enabling a victim of violence to be able to pick their lives and move on. The most common victims of violence (both gang aggression and domestic violence) are women and children. As such, we focus on ensuring that we are able to empower them look at life from a new beginning and thus be able to make amends in their lives. Deborah Alessi has been able to successfully overcome all the effects and downs that come with violence. She is now able to be a pillar of support to those going through the same ordeal as she did.

One of the most important things about rising up from the effects of violence is that for the healing process to be complete and successful, the facial scars that exist have to be removed. This is done through surgery so as all the scars are successfully removed and eventually you are able to rise from the pain of having undergone violence in your life.

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