What is a teacher?

A teacher is a person who educates students/pupils in schools. teachers are qualified to teach a specific subjecte.g. HSIE facualty

What are the quualifications and requirements of becoming a teacher?

The qualifications and requirements of becoming a teacher is to get a bachelor's degree in educations from an acceridated collage or university. if you are planning to teach in a High School then you must get a major in a certain subject but if you are teaching in a na Primary School then you have to know the basics of all subjects. All teachers are required to get a passing grade (C) in each course.

How do we pay for our teaching course?

In order to pay for all the education needed to become a teacher it is highly reccommended to geta part time job to payy off all the collage or university fees. Most people also get loans for their education whichy they have to return back within a certain period of time. Some people just get too lazy and ask their parents for all the expenses.

Specific skills required for the job.

Interactions and engaging with the students is a highly recommended skill for teaching. You must be able to comprehend the subject throughly in order for the students to understand in detail. You have to be surportive and patient. The students need to be comfortable and it is a teachers job to help them with any classroom issues they are facing.

The type of income teachers receive.

Teachers receive a salary which is paid once a fortnight or sometimes on a monthly basis. On average teachers get $60 000 - $90 000 a year.

What intrests you about teaching?

Having the interactions with kids intrests me aswell as educating and teaching kids new things about a certain subject that me and and them both can enjoy.  

From: Shreya & Andrea