Internet safety.

How to stay safe on the internet.


Many people use the internet everyday but don't know the dangers that come with it ,sharing your identity and where about on Facebook/snap chat , you are putting yourself in danger , letting everyone know where you are they can meet you there and kidnap you or hurt you , no one knows what they could do to you.


A lot of you will probably use snap chat , sending photos to your friends , all good and well but if you start adding random people you are then putting yourself in danger. You are giving your identity to a random person , they might ask you to send them some pictures naked , or tell you things like "your perfect , send me some more pics , someday we will be together" he wont mean it , so delete them.

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Some people on-line might try contact you , you need to be aware of certain questions to avoid answering like:

"Hey! wanna meet up?"

"Whats your phone number?"

"I bet your beautiful send me a picture of you naked? I wont show no one ;)"

"I love you! <3"

They are most likely a paedophile , unless you know them avoid contacting them.

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Sending pictures to others or sending a 'selfie' is not always safe as you don't know who can see it , you might have a friend called Ella Johnston who is actually a creepy old man who is in his 50's. He might see you photo and where you are and might end up following you or something.

Phone Number!

Giving strangers your phone number is a bad idea , they can then contact you through your mobile device and hack your photos and other personal things so do not hand out your phone number to anyone you meet make sure you know them first and trust them. You may get prank calls and strangers messaging you asking for things like

"you wanna meet up?"

"your beautiful"

"send a pic?"

delete them , block hem or change your number straight away.

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On-line Bullying!

Bullying is quite common not just face to face , on-line bullying is common. is a site where you can ask people questions or say things to people anonymously or with your name but people don't just use it to ask questions like

"what's your favourite colour?"

"How old are you?"

they turned into questions like

"why are you alive?"

then they turned into statements like

"go die!"

"your ugly and don't deserve to live!"

if you get these sort of comments said to you then just ignore them and delete your account and don't listen to them , they just want to get you down. Tell some one who can help you and talk to them. If its on snap-chat then delete them , if its on Facebook then block them , as long as your friends with them on-line then they can get you down and comment on things and message you so just get rid of them and let them hate , you don't need to impress anyone but yourself.

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Sexual photos and videos!

If someone sends you a sexual photo or video , you should delete it! don't show your friends because she (say its a girl) thought she could trust you and if you show your friends , they might show their friends and the girl will get bullied and that's not fair on her!

Keeping your information safe!

To share enough info but to still keep your self safe , make sure you never say where you are because they can follow you and then find you , also photos of you can help them find you as they then know your identity.On your Facebook you can keep your info safe but keeping it private so only your friends can see your images , statuses etc..
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Another website which reveals your identity is instagram , you can add random people and they can see your identity which means if they see you in the streets they will approach you! You may think that you can trust them but you can never trust a complete stranger!
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Revenge Porn!

When you break up with someone you instantly want revenge and a way to do this would be to send pictures of your ex in the nude. This is not right , you may want revenge but your ex sent you those in trust , fair enough its wrong but its wrong to share photos of a person that trusted you!


Stop and think! how would you like to be scared to walk the streets , to go to school or the shop! to be called names constantly like: whore , skank , slut , fat and ugly and many more! Stop and think , what if this was me , No one deserves this so think before you say.....think before you send those messages think about the person you are BULLYING!

By Danielle Douglas