Phantoms In The Snow

By Kathleen Benner Duble

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Phantoms In The Snow is about a 15-year old boy named Noah Garrett who has to move from Texas to Camp Hale, Colorado to live at a military base with his uncle following the death of his parents in 1944. When Noah gets there a guard at the entrance asks him if he is old enough to get drafted. Read the book to find out more.


I would say the theme of the book is to be careful what you get yourself into. My first example is that when Noah got to Colorado he lied to a guard about his age so he could see his uncle. Another example is that during one of his first few days of training he had to crawl under barbed wire while the instructor was shooting above him. Yet another example is that on the same day he crawled under the barbed wire he had to dig a foxhole in the freezing ground and then his instructor made him go in the foxhole and tested to see if it would hold.

Historical Facts

What I think the author did was learn from someone that went to the places in the book and then the author added more people as characters.
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