A Peek at the Week

April 11-15

Testing Begins

Please be aware that several classes will be testing over the next few weeks. We will have guests in the building who have volunteered to be test proctors too. Remind your students to be quiet in the halls during this time. Thank you for being flexible with scheduling during this time!

  • First Grade - CogAT Test - April 12-14
  • Third-Fifth Grade - OCCT - April 11-14

Please remind students to get plenty of sleep,

eat a good breakfast, and arrive on time to school.

Just a Few Reminders...

  • Please be on time for your scheduled duty. If you will be absent or you have a meeting please make sure your duty is covered and the office is aware of the changes.
  • Encourage your students to enter the cafeteria in straight, quiet lines. We are working hard to keep the noise in the cafeteria at a quieter level. The 10 minutes that teachers are monitoring students/tables should begin as soon as your class enters the cafeteria.
  • Students should leave personal items in the classroom during lunch. The exception is balls (football, soccer, etc.) that are being taken to the playground.
  • Beginning Monday, April 11 until the end of the school year, please ask before you show a movie/TV program in your classroom. Students should be actively engaged in your classroom from bell to bell. Educational videos that are enhancing your curriculum are the exception.

Have a great week!