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Reporter: Han J.

An Interview with Jenna Fox

1. How did you feel after you woke up?

A: I felt numb and confused. At first, I wasn't sure where I was. Then I saw a women who's face became bright when she saw me. Later I met a man who I was to call father. I called the women Claire. I wanted to know what happened to me. But something told me not to ask. Not yet.

2. What do you think triggers your memories and make you remember?

A: I think places that I go trigger memories of my past life. When I was walking home from Mr. Bender's house, I slipped and fell into the shallow creek and got a small cut. But while I was falling, it felt like I was being engulfed in water. I later found out it was a memory of when I was falling into the ocean when I was little.

3. What did you think about your school/ classmates?

A: When I first saw there were only a few students, I didn't know what was going on. I never knew about a school like this. I guess it was because I didn't pay attention to the world before. Anyway, I later found out it was a school where kids who need special needs go to. I kinda felt a little ashamed at first and didn't know how I would fit into a group like this, but I learned to accept them and myself later on.

4. Why do you think your parents blocked out information from your Netbook?

A: I think they blocked it out because they didn't want me to find out what happened because they were trying to protect me. They were afraid it might put me into a coma again. So you could say they did it out of love. But I wanted to know what was going on so I borrowed Mr. Bender's Netbook. Hey, it's my life, don't you think I deserved to know?

5. How did you feel when you knew you were made out of Bio-Gel?

A: I was shocked as any person would be and I was amazed that something like this could happen. I am 90% Bio- Gel and I'm working just like any other human.

6. Were you mad at your parents for not letting you die?

A: If I knew I had to go through something like this, back then I would want to die. Now, it isn't as bad. But if my parents had to go against the law to save me, I would have just wanted to die and save them of thier troubles.

7. Do you wish Kara and Locke, your best friends, were made out of Bio-Gel too?

A: Yes, I absolutely want them to be alive. Because when I was in my previous environment, I wanted to get out of there so badly. I was suffering. I don't want my friends to go through that so that's why I threw their backups into the pond.

8. How satisfied are you with your Bio-Gel?

A: I am ok with my BioGel. It isn't gonna last as long as the newer versions of it, but I think I can live with it. But I sometimes wish the Bio-Gel is more flexible with the weather.

9. Do you think people have become more accepting over the years?

A: People really have become more accepting over the years. Now there are many people like me. I think this is because they already know the results of a Bio-Gel human and because they know it is safe for them. There is a standard called the Jenna Standard where 10% is the least amount you have to be to be considered human. But I think the standard will change later on in the future.

10. Do you want to live forever?

A: Yes and no. I say yes because if you live for a long time, you have a chance to see how the world and people change over time. Also you get to experience events that you would never be able to feel in your time. But every human has to die one day. That is the cycle of life. People are born, they live, then they die. I don't want that chain to be broken.

National News - FSEB, Second Thoughts?

Recently, the FSEB have changed the standards on what it is to be human. " We wanted to change with the world too', says the head director of the FSEB.

The head director explains to us about their new standards. He says that anybody with human organs, human features, or human parts are considered human. But the organ or the part of the human that is left must be in excellent condition. If it is damaged or inabled, the body is not considered human, it is considered a dead organism. Also the person must be under the age of fifty-five.

Before, the FSEB only allowed Bio-Gel to be used to perserve organs waiting to be transplanted, but know they are allowing people to be made out of Bio-Gel because they know it is safe for the people and the country.The head director said, " We wanted the people and the world to be a safe place. So that is why we did not allow people to be saved by Bio-Gel."

Bio-Gel humans are now allowed under the hawklike eye of the FSEB. But the person must qualify the standards to be made into a Bio-Gel human.

Along with these new standards, the FSEB has released a new set of consequences for those who try to go against the law or the new standards.

If one was to lie about their age, they would not recieve medical help for the injuries they have for three months and would be charged a fine of $150,000.

If they go against it, the unfortunate human will recieve jail time of one to five years.

Along with a huge fine of $100,000,000,000.

Because of these new rules, people have become more cautious over the last few days and are paying special attention to thier health so they won't get sick.

Obituary- In Honor of the People

Lily - A helpful mother and a loving grandmother

"Lily was a good friend who listened to me whenever I needed to talk. I didn't want her to go. But she told me she would be in a better place.", said Ms. Jenna Fox. Lily was the mother of Claire Fox , the grandmother of Jenna Fox, and the wife of Jenna's grandfather. She was a doctor when the Aureus epidemic happened and she gave up on her job after this disastrous event. She later moved in with her daughter and son-in-law, Matthew Fox, and stayed there. Her favorite thing to do was to garden. She also loved her greenhouse and kept many plants there. She also helped perserve original, unaltered seeds for the future later in the world. She also loved her family very much. But we know for sure that she will be in the heart's of those who were in her life. Lily was known to have died of natural causes.

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