Is School Food Really That Bad?

by: Paul Navarrete

Cafeteria Food

Today many school cafeterias are filled with tons of nutritious food that is great for the body. It's not only good for your body but it also taste amazing. Students have a variety of different taste that they could choose from such as cardboard or plastic. Cafeterias in Texas have switched from cheeseburgers and pizza to giving out days old tatter tots and under cooked french fries. Sounds yummy! It seems that this was definitely the way to go since the schools keep hearing of children getting sick. it must be that they enjoy the food so much that they just have to come back for more.

Since they have decided to take away the pleasures from the cafeteria such as cheeseburgers and pizza, they might as well take a math or science class away too.Because who doesn't greatly enjoy math and science. Just sitting around after such a great and nutritional meal would only make us fat.Instead they should make students attend physical education. In all reality who needs math and science when you can learn different ways to workout. It wouldn't just keep the students in shape but it would also stimulate the students brain more than math and science.

As the food increasingly gets better there is going to obviously be an increase in the price of such delicious cardboard tasting food. Students can now just take money away from there parents to buy this nutritious food so that they don't have to eat somewhere else where the food actually taste the way it's supposed to. Why would you want to go to a place where the food actually taste good, that's for square people. After observing the students over the school year we can clearly see, getting rid of all of the unhealthy foods from the cafeteria have allowed students to learn the best eating habit; eating nothing at all.