The Brave Beat- January 2023

ICMS January Newsletter


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Submit Photos to the Yearbook!

A reminder to:

Please send any pictures of school events to Ms. Murley. These could include sports events, music events, dance team, color guard, or anything school related activity that families have captured at an event for school. The pictures can be emailed to

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The winners of the 2022 December ICMS Art show are:

6th grader Maggie Morris for Drawing

6th grader Gretchen Ankney for Painting

8th grader Ivy Ford for Computer Graphics

And 8th grader Kaitlin Rode for 3-D sculpting

Congratulations to all the talented artists at ICMS!

7th and 8th graders who are interested can enter the Brown County Art Show this April and all ICMS students can enter the May 2023 ICMS Art Show.

See Ms Sandberg if you have questions.

6th Grade Social Studies (Mr. Stanifer)

In January 6th Grade Social Studies Students will be moving on to North america, We will stop to look at Geography including major Lakes, Rivers, Mountain Ranges, and Regions. We will be studying iCanada and Later the United States. In our Canada Unit Students will be responsible for knowing all 10 Provinces, 3 Territories and the following major cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, and Halifax.

6th Grade HEART (Mr. Kinnett)

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6th Grade Math (Mr. Appleton)

6th Grade Math with Mr. Appleton

Welcome to the year MMXXIII. The first semester of the school year went extremely well. We hope to see the same effort and product in the second semester. Now is the time to set goals for progress in math skills. Be sure to set SMART goals. ( Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Timely)

Much grace was shown to the students who came to class unprepared to learn in the first semester. Students are expected to have their chromebook charged, have a math notebook, and a pencil. Those not meeting expectations will be documented and habitual offenders will have log signing which leads to a detention.

Much time in January will be spent satisfying and solving equations. We will be solving one step equations and inequalities. These skills are essential to the future success in math class for years to come.

I really enjoyed all the jokes we made during the first semester. I look forward to more jokes in the new semester. (Caleb Briere)

I really enjoyed all the fun we had with Mr.Appleton and I look forward to more fun in the next semester. (Brady Pappas)

I really enjoyed the lessons that Mr. Appleton taught because I learned a lot from him during the first semester. I look forward to learning even more things in his class in the new semester. (Kinleigh Zimmerman)

I really enjoyed all the games we played during the first semester. I look forward to playing more games in the next semester. (Austin Fox)

I really enjoyed all the help Mr. Appleton gave to us during the first semester. I look forward to getting more help in the new semester. (Jacey Komorek)

I really enjoyed all of the new words Mr. Appleton taught us the first semester that most 6th graders don’t know. I look forward to learning more words in the new semester. ( Brooke Setser)

7th and 8th Grade Math (Mrs. Emenhiser)

Math with Mrs. Emenhiser

I hope this newsletter finds you all healthy and well rested. Here we go the hardest nine weeks out of the whole year. Please help your student learn to cope with the dark and the cold. Physical activity does wonders for the brain and body. Have a Wii bowling night, or an Oculus night if you have one of those in your house now.

7th Grade will be working with Percentages - Any time you go out to eat over the next few months please talk through how you figured out how much tip to leave your wait staff. Or if you go shopping and there is a discount, how you figured out in the store (before you get to the register) how much money will be taken off. All of these are life lessons your children need to learn.

8th Grade will be working with slope, functions, and more Algebra I topics they will have as freshmen. As always this topic is heavy with the integer rules. If students get questions wrong, it does tend to be a sign issue rather than a they have no idea what they are doing issue. Please listen to them if they get frustrated and let me know we will work through it and they will be stronger because of it.

Thank you to those who have sent in Kleenex and dry erase markers both are greatly appreciated and always welcomed!

All the best,

Mrs. Emenhiser

How do these stairs help us understand a constant slope?

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Exactly how much $$ will I need to pay for this item, including TAX?

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FACS (Mrs. McFann)

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Counselor's Corner

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Gleaner's Volunteers

Gleaners Mobile Food Pantry will distribute food on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the lower parking lot at ICHS. Everyone is welcome! We are always in need of volunteers as well. If you and/or your student, family, friends, sports, or church group would like to help, please contact Kate Taylor at 317-373-4134 or

Nurse's Update

General reminder to parents: Incoming Kindergarteners, 6th graders and 12th graders for the 2023-2024 School Year are due for school required immunizations. Immunization Clinic at the Johnson County Fairgrounds 1/21/2023 (see attached flyer).

School Smiles Dental Clinic will be visiting ICMS and ICHS on Thursday, January 12th. Call the middle school office if you need a paper registration form for your student. Or see attached flyer to sign up online. Self pay, medicaid and private insurance accepted.

Vision screenings will be completed for 8th graders in January.

Sick days: please keep your student home for fever >100 degrees (must be fever free for 24 hours without taking fever reducing medicine), vomiting/diarrhea or excessive coughing, weakness, fatigue. Please call the attendance line to report your student's absence.

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January Menus

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