BES Weekly Newsletter


Happy February

February is here! Remember, we are getting to the time of year when students are pushing the limits. Please be sure that you remind students daily of the expectations at school (classroom, hallway, bathroom, gym, hall, playground, etc.) Also, if you have students who are absent, tardy, or leaving early multiple times, please contact parents to let them know that their child is missing out on instruction. If the problem continues, let Mr. Beasley know.

I appreciate you and all that you do for our students everyday! Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure our students have what they need to be successful!

Congratulations to BES Teacher of the Year!!!!!

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Our Enrichment Classes are AWESOME!

Important Reminders:

  • We will be having a "Soup"er party on Friday (in honor of the Super Bowl) There will be a sign up in the teacher lounge to bring soup, cornbread, dessert, or drinks. I hope everyone participates!! See calendar dates below.
  • Please be sure you have made all the changes required by the Fire Marshal. THANKS!
  • Make sure you are planning together as a team to keep everyone on the same page. PLCs are reserved for specific things to help move students forward; your planning meetings are for grade level specific items.
  • PLEASE be sure if you are absent or have to leave early that you cover your after school duty--especially if you are out front with car riders.
  • Make sure you are monitoring kids at all times. This includes playground, hallway, bathroom, classroom, and dismissal.
  • Cell Phones should not be used during instruction time. (Timers on your phone are ok.)
  • Please let us know if students are absent or tardy multiple times.
  • If you are planning Spring Field Trips for your grade level, please contact Mrs. McCarter to discuss dates.
  • We are having a lot of traffic in the office. Please be aware that the office staff are answering phones and greeting visitors. If you are not assigned to help in the office, please save personal conversations for after school. Thank you for helping us with this.

Dates for your Calendar

  • 2/2-2/3 McCarter out
  • 2/4 100th Day of School
  • 2/5 "SOUP"er day
  • 2/8 TELPAS training AFTER SCHOOL
  • 2/8-2/12 RTI Meetings
  • 2/11 Teacher of the Year Banquet
  • 2/11 Leadership Night at Bell Elementary Tyler (Leader In Me) 6:00-7:30
  • 2/16 Spring Pictures
  • 2/17 Reader's Theater-Pre K, HS, Kinder, 1st
  • 2/22-2/23 Mock STAAR (3rd Grade)
  • 3/1 2nd Grade Texas Program--6:00
  • 4/25-29 Book Fair
  • 5/20 Bear Games (Field Day)