The Nile river

It's all about the Nile river

Physical features

The Nile river is located in Egypt, Africa. The acient Egyptions lived along the Nile river. People did a lot of things in that river, they bathed, they cooked, caught fish, and they drank it. The Nile river flooded every year.

Daily life

Their homes were made of mud bricks and mortar. They used the papyrus plant for making baskets, sandals, rope and writing materials. The Nile river provided water for drinking, bathing

, cooking, etc.... The rich families built garden pools and stocked with lotuses and fish and they had fresh water at all times. Fish was the most common protein source. Men hunted hippos for meat and that was also their sport.

Calendar and farming

Farming year and calender divided into three seasons- indundation (flood), emergence (planting and growing) and harvest. Egyptians called their country kemet which means black land. They grew onions, garlic, leeks, beans, lentils, lettuce, cucumbers, melons, dates, figs, pomegranates, and gourds.

Transportation and trade

Some boats were made of papyrus, also had wooden barges and special boats for funerals. Egypt offered gold, papyrus, linen, high-quality stone and cattle. Traded with middle eastern kingdom for silver, cedar, oils, horses, copper, lapis lazull.