Solar System Exploration

Amber Parr

Pre 1900

Nicolaus Copernicus

Dob & Dod/ Where he was born/ What here died of:

Nicolaus Copernicus was born on February 19th,1473. He died on May 24th, 1543. Nicolaus died from a stroke as he was lying on his bed.


Nicolaus Copernicus occupations where a mathematician and a astronomer

Main Discovery/Date:

In 1500's when everyone thought Earth was in the centre of the universe, Nicolaus Copernicus worked out that the sun was in the middle and he discoved that all different planets go around the sun to get sun light.

technologies Used:

Nicolaus Copernicus used reaserch from books and the night sky to discover that the sun was in the middle. Also he used the stars to calculate his own discovery.

Contributions To Knowledge

Nicolaus Copernicus help us to believe that the sun was in the middle and help us to see the solar system and the universe.


In 1491 Nicolaus went to a Academly called karkow which was renowned for its mathmatics and its thinking.

Post 1900

Messenger Nasa


Messenger was lanched by Nasa on the 3 August, 2004 and came back to Earth for a refuel on the 2 August, 2005. Messenger flew past 2 planets such as Mercury and Venus.


Messengers goal was to explore the universe and Mercury. The spacecraft was also used to measure the temperature and its atmosphere. Messenger was used to orbit around Mercury and get scientific data from the colour of the planet or the crust and send it back to NASA.

Technologies Used

The spacecraft has a sunshade to protect it from the sun, a solar panel to give it power and a MAG to send back data to NASA and a lot more topower it.


Messenger discovered that 60% of the plants core is the total mass of its planet Mercury

Additional Information

Messenger or spacecraft is approximately 1.2 ton or 1,100 kilograms. Messenger was built by John Hophins.