Date joined the eu

They joined the eu in 2004

History of the country

The Czech republic got its independence after ww2 when Czech Slovakia split in two in January of 1993

Geogrphical features

It is a land locked country and is. 95% hill and mountain perfect for sling mountain bike riding hiking and boar hunting
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The flag has a lot of history because after ww2 Czechoslovakia split into two different countries Slovakia and Czech republic the Czech republic kept the old Czech Slovakia flag and Slovakia adopted another flag
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Capital 4 major cities

The capital of Czech republic is Prague it is almost 1000 years old and one of the wealthiest parts of the Czech Republic

Some major cities that have the biggest airport ways in the world are Brno, Otrava, Karlovy Vary, and Pardubice

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Atractive sights

Since the Czech Republic is 95% hills and mountains it is great for sking mountain bike riding and great boar hunting

Physical features

The Czech Republic is very hilly and very warm during the summer and cold and cloudy during the winter because it is a land locked country
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Government Type

They have a parliamentary republic

There currency type

The currency they use is the Czech Koruna
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Some interesting facts