Exodusters: Come to Kansas!

Kansas has cheap land for struggling blacks from the south.

Kansas' lands will help you start a new life.

Kansas has a few different acts in which you can obtain land. The homestead act, for example, you can pay only $10 to own up to 160 acres of land.

Nicodemus, KS

Kansas has a town that has land claimed by blacks. The town's name is Nicodemus. Nicodemus is full of exodusters and the atmosphere is friendly because they have been through a lot, just like you. They know how to show compassion.

Some Kansas towns:

Kansas has plenty of land, and the settlers there are free-staters.

Fun Facts

Kansas is a climate of extremes. The summers are hot and the winters are very cold. But since fall and spring are always perfect, the crops grow very good. Kansas' main crop is wheat, but corn and soybeans are also crops that have good success.